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Registration will take place at the entrance to the exam room. You will not be allowed to accompany your child into the exam room itself.

All students must be ready to enter the exam room when the session opens. Therefore, please ensure you arrive minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure you are able to find parking and get to the registration table in time.

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Another excellent set. Most schools and Local Authorities administer at least one verbal reasoning test. Filled with questions designed to stimulate thinking rather than simply elicit learned responses, this series provides the challenge that able pupils seek. Ludo Tutors was established in by Martha Bennett, an experienced tutor and graduate of the University of Cambridge. Checkout Your Cart Price.

It is important to allow time for a quick visit to the toilet just before the session too. Facilities are at the exam room. There is unfortunately no facility within the test centres for parents to wait, however there are usually a selection of interesting coffee shops or restaurants in close proximity to each venue. Unfortunately not, as this does tend to cause disruption to the flow of the session. So we ask that parents do NOT return until the end of the session. All students must be collected promptly at the end of the mock session.

Please allow days from the test date for the results to be released, although it is often quicker than this. However, please do NOT email or call requesting the results prior to 3 days after the test date. The mock test papers will be marked and made available for review in COAsT Chuckra Online Assessment Tool so you can go through each test at home online with your child. When you click to review the test, the test will open for you to review online including explanations. I would like to book the mock exam at the Watford centre on 11th August test B.

Can you advise as to whether this would be suitable for entry into Haberdashers, Merchant Taylors and John Lyon? Yes, please see this FAQ. We have done trials of students sitting good quality mock exam papers with a variety of different formats and proven that their performance compared to their peers is quite consistent in each subject, regardless of the exam format. As such, we have designed mock exams which we feel are hugely beneficial for students preparing for any 11 plus exam.

In the actual exam, surprises can happen. Students must be able to cope with whatever question types are presented to them, even if the format is new or slightly different than expected.

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Students suited to Grammar School will not be confused by small differences in exam format or style of question provided they have prepared well by covering a wide range of question types and been encouraged to challenge their minds. As more schools announce changes to their 11 plus exams each year and publishers tweak their papers to be more varied, taking the approach of ensuring your child does well rounded preparation is so important and that is why we run the mock exams we do.

In our online testing system, we have a variety of practice papers, some more similar to GL Assessment in that they are single subjects and others are mixed subject papers with individually timed sections.

However, we do not use different papers at our mock exams in each area because the value students get from attending a Chuckra mock exam which covers English, maths, verbal and nonverbal reasoning is twofold. Please also see this FAQ. Hi I have added my name for the 13th July morning mock exam. When will spaces open please as i want to be sure if I will defiantly get a space. Please can you advise asap. A small drink and a snack are permitted as well. Rulers, calculators, dictionaries and mobile phones are not permitted in the examination room.

We are the proud parents of children who are studying in a Grammar School.

All information regarding the test day will be in the email sent beforehand. There are many other factors to consider before you make your choices about the six schools you need to put in for the high school registration form.


Depending on where you live, the range of schools available to you may be obvious, but it is still worth looking at all the schools in your area again. Most schools will have them published on their school websites. The summary may tell you all that you need to know about the school. You can also look for the GCSE results for each school as well.

What’s the percentage pass mark for 11 plus?

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Distance from home to school is a major factor as well, you need to consider the daily travel options according to your child and your personal requirements and budget. You need to choose a list of up to six to eight schools, at most, that you feel might be appropriate for your child. Make a list of the school according to your preferences and then you need to register and fill the online form for high school placements.

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You can find about more in the eAdmissions link. The best way to make a list of your preferred schools is to visit them, All schools holds Open Days or Evenings, usually during the early part of the autumn term, but some will hold Open Days at other times in the year. Open Days are a convenient way for the school to showcase themselves to large numbers of people, but you will get a much better feel for a school by visiting it during normal working hours.

Most schools are happy to show prospective parents around during school hours, although some very over-subscribed schools may not be quite so keen to do so you may need to make an appointment to visit the school. Discuss the schools on your shortlist with your child and then arrange to take them on a visit to each of the schools. Generally, schools inform parents about the outcome of entrance tests before the deadline for submission of the Common Application Form.

You can also check online. For both tests, the raw scores are standardised and age weighted. The standardisation takes into account how a child has performed compared with the average performance of all the children taking each test in the Consortium and how the child has performed in each test compared with children of the same age.

Children do not have marks added because they are born in August, or taken away if they have a birthday in September. You should be aware that these four grammar schools have different criteria under which they will offer places if they are oversubscribed. This may involve offering places in rank order, according to distance from the school, or some other criteria.

You can check the admissions policy of each school and address any questions you may have to the school concerned. Read the admissions policy for each school carefully together with the information provided with your results letter. The Common Application Form must be submitted by 31st October in any given year. All the entrance tests are scanned twice using different hardware and different staff and the results checked against each other.

In the highly unlikely event that there is a variation between the two scans, it is manually investigated and if necessary, resolved before the data is uploaded for standardisation.

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No changes have ever been made as a result of a re-mark due to the stringency of the process employed when the forms are scanned. The Slough Consortium Grammar Schools will not undertake any test re-marks until after the national offer date. Requests for a re-mark need be made in writing to the same school where your child sat the test. If you wish to appeal against the decision not to allocate your child a place at your preferred Grammar School, please follow the online process. We are the proud parents of children who are studying in a Grammar School.

How to Register for the Exam The online registration form can be accessed from the Slough Consortium link on the dates shown. Registrations will not be complete unless the photograph of your child is uploaded — without this you will not be sent a confirmation email and your child will not be registered to take the test. The online registration form asks you to provide details of any special needs or requirements your child may have. It is important that you state if your child has any disability, such as impaired sight or hearing, for which they may need support in the examination.

It is also important that you provide the right information if your child has been formally identified as dyslexic, having dyspraxia or has any other medical condition that the schools need to be aware of. You will need to provide appropriate professional evidence by the closing date for registration. When you press submit then you will shortly receive a confirmation email from donotreply sloughconsortium.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the admissions department within 24 hours at any of the four Slough grammar schools, and make sure to check your spam or junk folders first. Any queries need to be made before the closing date. Your confirmation email will include your unique username.

11+ papers

The Exam There are two minute papers with each paper containing of a mixture of questions testing verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning. Make a study schedule that fits with their daily routine and normal school work. Make sure they have enough space to spread their books, enough light, a comfortable seat and all the stationary they need in one place. Try and get rid of all distractions and make sure they are able to focus as much as possible.

Focused 15 minutes are better than an hour just passing the time. If you want your child to take the Bexley test, you'll need to register your child at www.

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Registrations are open from May to July ; the test sessions which take place mid-September. Children who attend a primary school in Bexley will usually take the test at their own school.

11+ Question Shuffle - a more efficient and fun way to prepare for your 11 plus exam.

Children who don't go to primary school in Bexley will be invited take their test either at one of the four grammar schools in the area, or another secondary school in Bexley. The results are standardised: in other words, adapted to take account of your child's exact age. The highest possible score is The Bexley Selection Panel decides each year on the threshold mark for children to be considered selective, but this doesn't guarantee them a grammar school place.

There are currently places in the four grammar schools in Bexley; in , children sat the test and achieved the selective standard. If there are more selective level children than places, each school will allocate its places based on their oversubscription criteria.

In most cases, the deciding factor is proximity to the school. The children who achieve the highest scores each year are guaranteed a place at their preferred grammar school in Bexley.